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I’m a mom of two (soon to be 3) beautiful kids who attract dirt, spills and bumps every time I try to take a picture of them.  (Don’t worry, it’s not just yours that do it.)  I also have an extremely supportive hubby who knows the mantra about a happy wife.  Originally from Ohio, I moved to the Triangle in 2006 to work at the Carolina blue school by way of grad school in Florida.  I’ve now claimed North Carolina as my “forever” state…though if I win the lottery I’m moving to a cliff-side villa in Italy. 

I love to learn and create; photography is my outlet.  I decided to start the photography business in November 2014 just to see what I could do and I love getting to meet so many new families and capturing memories for them. 

To see more of my work, check out www.alainabarthphotography.com

Recent photos, sneeks, and great deals are posted at www.facebook.com/alainabarthphotography

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